Money Saving Tips this Black Friday

Money Saving Tips this Black Friday
By: Malory Wood d/b/a The Missing Ink


Black Friday shopping is about to commence in New Jersey and New York. People are clipping coupons and planning their shopping itineraries. As the madness grows nearer, we have developed proven money saving tips to make this your best, and most efficient, gift giving season ever.


Cash Back

One of the smartest ways to bank in some extra cash whilst you spend it is to utilize cash back methods. There are a variety of apps, including the ever-popular Ebates, that specialize in providing cash back on select purchases.

It is this simple: sign into your account, type in the store you want to shop, and purchase. That’s it. Some apps offer additional in-store savings for tri-state brick and mortar lovers.

Incentives Program

Getting a credit card with an incentives program is sure to add extra cash to your stocking. Maximizing your points earned through all your purchases can earn you incredible rewards. Shop around for the credit card best suited for you and your common purchases.

             Travel Purchases

Travelling out of New Jersey this holiday? Be sure to book your trip and all relevant purchases                   using a credit card like Chase Sapphire Reserve. You can earn a 3x Chase Ultimate Reward                           point toward your future travels.

              Amazon Shoppers

Do you prefer shopping in the comfort of your own home? Amazon is for you! Amazon offers a                    Prime Rewards Visa Signature card letting you earn an insane 5% cash back on all products                        purchased through their portal.

              Department Stores

Credits cards tiered to department store purchases will give you the best bang for your buck.                       For example, the Blue Case Preferred Card from American Express offers 3% cash back at all                    department stores!


Research Promo Codes and Coupons

Instead of impulsively jumping on a sale, take a moment to further investigate. Are there any promo codes or coupons available for your purchase? To begin, check popular coupon sites like RetailMeNot.

Type in the kind of coupon you are looking for into Google or search through paper coupons from your local stores. Macy’s and JC Penney’s run incredible Black Friday coupons you can download to your phone or bring in store with you on your next visit.

Avoid the Trickery

Black Friday is one of the most marketed “holidays” of the year. Therefore, the agile marketers are bound to have tricks up their sleeves. It is easy to fall victim for their “extra special sales,” so you must learn the rules of product placement.

When you have finished your shopping, beware the exit aisles. Stores like Target will prey on the vulnerable by placing appealing $1 sales as far as the eyes can see. You do not need any of these trinkets; they are placed there solely to garner more profit. Walk away.



Looking for more money saving tips? Contact a professional financial advisor! Carlos Marzan of CAM Financial is here to answer all of your financial questions!